Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finding a Photography Mentor: Laura Tillinghast Workshops

By Tina Case

At Moms Who Click we wholeheartedly recommend developing mentor-relationships to expand your knowledge base.  Over the past year I developed a wonderful business relationship with  Laura Tillinghast. Laura is a very seasoned photographer in the San Francisco Bay area where I am also located. I am super excited to shadow her for the first time next week on a beauty shoot and watch her in action.  I'll be sure to write a post and include some photos from this experience.

Laura taught several lighting workshops over the summer of  2012 and they were a huge success.  She loves discussing light and how to work with it as the most important tool we have in our photography arsenal.  I am primarily a natural light photographer for my portrait work but I do use strobes for my product photography.   Understanding how to use external lighting can help improve your skills as a photographer and improve your outdoor sessions.

Laura taught a beginners class as well an advanced class.  There was something for everyone in attendance. She went over the basics of studio lighting as well as some more complicated lighting techniques. In addition to studio lighting, she did cover working with natural light, especially in difficult conditions (which I know many of you have experienced such as beach shots, over exposed situations, and low light situations). 

She also covered mixing studio and natural light together to get the look you want. We learned some tricks for shooting in areas where the background is less than desirable as well as posing tips, working with models and more. It was a blast and we all learned a lot! Classes coming up in 2013 will cover topics ranging from Retouching for Portraits, Visual Storytelling and additional Basic and Advanced lighting classes. 

To Register:  You do not need to be in the Bay area to attend.

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