Monday, January 7, 2013

Joby Ultra Fit Sling Strap Review and Comparison

by Tina Case

In December I had the chance to check a camera strap by Joby called the Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women (there's a version for men also).  I took the Ultra Fit Sling Strap out for some rigorous testing while on trips to Mexico and Australia.  And let me just say that this strap was fantastic.  Not only did it support my Canon 5D Mark III (which just happens to be the best camera of 2012) but my heaviest lens in total comfort.  My heaviest lens is my Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L and the combined weight with camera is just under 5 pounds or about 70 ounces.

I wrote about this strap previously and how it saved me (from embarrassment and a broken wrist).  For sure the strap saved my neck and back from a lot of aches and pains.

The ergonomics of the strap for women was carefully constructed with curves in mind.  I used this strap extensively for 2 weeks, carrying it everywhere we went on our trip to Sydney, Cairns and the Gold Coast of Australia.  I took it on the subway, rail, buses and ferries.

My super skinny daughter also tested this out on another camera and she also noted how comfortable it was and how it distributed the weight of the camera so you barely felt it while walking throughout the day from morning to night.

I've used three other straps for my camera.  The one that Canon provides, a nice cushy one by Smug Mug and a stylish one by ModStraps.

Total comfort with my heaviest lens.
The manufacturer strap was the worst one of all (sorry, Canon), which does not provide any cushion whatsoever and cuts into your neck if you are carrying a heavy lens.  The SmugMug strap is nice and cushy I have to say.  But even the cushy-comfort diminishes when the full weight of the camera and lens hangs from your neck all day.  I do love my ModStrap and especially the cool designs but even when worn across the shoulder and side it does not bear the weight of the camera with a large lens in total comfort the way the Joby Ultra Fit Sling Strap does.  And that's due to the placement of the strap.

The strap is cleverly held using the typical tripod opening on the bottom of the camera.  The silver and red clip screws in tightly and without worry I carried the camera everyday for 2 weeks.  I tightened it manually and did have to use a coin to unscrew it to put on a tripod.

With my heaviest lens I do not have to remove the strap since there is a separate tripod connector on the lens itself.  So that may be the only thing you have to be aware of if you use a tripod.  You'll have to unscrew the strap before connecting it to a tripod. Simple enough to do and no complaint from me about that step.

To see the Ultra Fit Sling Strap in action, check out the video below.  I highly recommend this strap for any photographer who will be carrying it extensively on vacation, during a long photo session like a wedding or even just around the block.  For more information on where to purchase, click on the link here.  And be sure to LIKE the Joby Facebook page to be updated on sales and giveaways.  They just held a great winter holiday giveaway with several of their wonderful products.

UltraFit Sling Strap for Women by JOBY from JOBY Inc on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: I was provided with an Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women.  All opinions are my honest assessment and 100% my own.

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