Thursday, February 21, 2013

Behind the Scenes--Still Life Set-Up

by Kristina

Inspired by Kim Klassen's Beyond, Beyond course (affectionately known as 2B), I thought I'd show you how I set up the still life pictured above for this week's assignment.  It is actually a set up that I have used for a few product photography gigs that I've done in the past (one where I shot baked goods...yum! and another where I shot pieces of a children's game that is soon to be released).  

Anyway, the set up is super simple.  Basically all you need is a good natural light source.  In the morning I have the best light near a window in my front room which faces East and in the afternoon, I get lovely light by a window in my family room which faces....West.

Next, using two pieces of foam core board found at Michaels for around $5.00 for a two pack and a couple of clamps that I purchased on Amazon 6 for $4.50, I put together this set-up.

After shooting a few dozen images (you know how that goes), I uploaded the photos into Lightroom and did a little post processing.  I then brought the image into Photoshop Elements 10 and added one of Kim's textures (Sybil from her Downton Abbey collection) and used her quote brush (A Touch of Whimsy) to add the quote. Voila, the lovely image that you see above was created.

Note:  the final image shown at the beginning of this post was taken in my family room and the shots of my set up were done the next day in my front room, after I realized that showing you the method to the madness might make for a good post. :)  Oh and in case you are wondering where I found that cute mug....TJMAXX... $4.99.  Love that place!


  1. Lovely. Thanks for sharing your set up too :)

  2. I was also thinking of showing my set up...especially for those who don't have a white room. Love your use of clamps to give the core board some feet. I like it much better than the Velcro straps I've been using.

  3. Thanks! Really easy and inexpensive set-up


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