Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY Project--Inspiration Board

by Kristina

Like many of you, I am a huge fan of Pinterest.  You can find all my boards here.  As much as I love having this wonderful online tool to organize all the great things I find on the web, I still like the idea of having an IRL (in real life), tangible board.

With this in mine, I set out to make an inspiration board that would be something that I could see every day.  Something that I could hang on my walls and use to inspire me every time I walk into my office.  I wanted to make a board that could be that could change over time.

Of course I checked out the many versions on Pinterest but I knew I didn't want to use cork and I wanted something that was inexpensive to make, light weight and easy to hang.  I decided to go to Home Depot and looked at various material options and came across this insulation foam board and realized it was perfect!

I then set out to the fabric store to buy some inexpensive muslin or table cloth fabric and picked up a yard of each.  But while I was there I had an epiphany, what if I used a pillow case instead?  I could cut the foam board to the size of the pillow case and just slip the case right over it and be done and that is exactly what I did!  For $3.99 (at Ross),  I purchased two gray, standard pillowcases and put this inspiration board together in a matter of minutes.

I love displaying all of these items that have stories behind them.   What better way to honor all this goodness than create an inspiration board that you can see every day, not just when you log onto your computer?

Below is my second board...a blank canvas, ready to be filled with all kinds of hopes and dreams. For this board, I stabled the fabric that I purchased to the full sheet of foam board (total cost for this size $9.00-- $3.50 for the board and the fabric was $5.50).

Note: to hang the boards on the wall, I used 3M velcro picture hanging strips.  It worked perfectly.


  1. Great idea Kristina! I especially LOVE the idea of the Command Strips for hanging. We are hanging challenged at our house :)

  2. A timely idea - I just finished a Vision Board and I'm about to hang it in my office. I was needing to wait til hubby could drill a hole in it (for a nail)...I don't have to now, as I have Command Strips on hand. Thank you!

    1. Those Command Strips are awesome. I used the to hang foam mounted photos I had done of my kids and it was terrific. It allowed me to keep fiddling with placement until I got it right without having to put a bunch of holes in my wall.

  3. How clever you are to use a ready-made pillow case! A couple years ago I purchased 2 full-sized sheets of the insulation and had them cut in half to get them to my studio (actually, I couldn't fit them in my car and had to call a friend to come to the rescue). I taped them back together, covered them with white flannel and nailed them to the wall. I love the 8' x8' design wall that I have!

  4. Brilliant idea, I have some foam lying around now where did I put it ?


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