Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Freebie-@Zenfolio's Creating a Photography Website that Works for You e-book

by:  Kristina

Earlier this week, as part of my blogging partner Tina's review on the Lensbaby Spark (have you entered our giveaway yet?), she mentioned an e-book from Zenfolio called Creating a Photography Website that Works for You.  

If you are creating a new website, updating your current one or thinking about starting a photography website, this is a fantastic resource.  Tina and I both host our websites on Zenfolio and we are extremely happy with all that they offer (private client viewing, unlimited storage, blog, galleries, online ordering).  But whether or not you are a Zenfolio customer, this is a great tool to help you think through the various facets of creating your website.

You can download the e-book by clicking here and feel free to pop over to my site, Kristina Rust Photography or Tina's, Tina Case Photography to see how we've used Zenfolio for our individual photography businesses.

You can receive 10% off a Zenfolio package by using this code:  1RQ-MFZ-EUR

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