Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Photographer in the Family

My 13 year old daughter has the photography bug.  YAY!  I love that we share this passion.  Her dream is to become a photographer and travel to New Zealand to take pictures (she heard that New Zealand is one of the top places to photograph).

Aside from being a HUGE Instagrammer (she has way more followers than me), she's been using my old 40D to practice and play with for the past month or so.  We've gone out on photo walks together and she has taken it with her on several of our family outings...she loves taking photos as much as me.

Last night I finally decided to load her images into Lightroom.....I can't believe it took me so long to actually do this.   Anyway, as I sat at my desk watching the images appear, I was blown away by her photos.  My girl has an AMAZING eye.  

As I looked at each photo, I was so impressed to see how well she composed her shots and the subject matter that she chose (she captured details that I wish I would have noticed).  At 13, I was not taking photos like this!  

Downloading these photos made me realize that I need to continue to encourage her to use what is now her 40D and to download the photos and so she can see the beauty that she has captured on our computer (and we will make some prints...I love the one of the flower and the wine barrels).  

Who knows what she'll grow up to be, she's only 13,  but if she continues on her photography path, I know she'll have a bright future.

 Here is just a small sample of what she captured on our picnic at a local winery.  


  1. Her work is beautiful and very creative...she's had a good teacher...
    My grandson who is only 3 has an interest also...he uses my Canon much fun to watch them take photo's...
    Thanks for sharing..

  2. Bravo for her! She did an awesome job! I know you're proud.

  3. Wow is that so cool! She is so fortunate to have a mom like you to encourage her and cheer for her!


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