Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Freebie--PASS it on

If you are looking for a way to share your photos with clients, you should definitely check out PASS.

PASS is a photo sharing tool that is designed to allow your clients to view and share photos: socially (i.e. directly to Facebook and Twitter) and on their mobile devices.  And your photo credit, logo and link go with the shared photos.  The idea is that the more your work is shared by your clients, the more exposure you receive and the more clients you will book....Shoot & Share.

How it works is once you've created your PASS account, you upload your photos to a new PASS gallery and then you can easily invite clients to view their images.  Because the idea behind this platform is to shoot and share, the photos are available to download right away, so you want to consider how you want to work this into your business model.  

The gallery is FREE for the first 30 days and accessible online during that time period.  Images in the free gallery can be downloaded one at a time and can be shared by your clients via the social media platforms.  Should you decided to upgrade for $29 (per gallery), the images can be downloaded all at once and the gallery will remain online for one year, plus it will have 10 years of secure backup.

Other features include the ability to see how many times your photos have been viewed, where they've been viewed (there is a map graphic that shows locations, not specific info on people), as well as how many photos have been download.  So you really get a sense of your gallery's exposure and reach.

Check out their site to learn more about this cool tool and see if it is right for you.

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