Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Meet Diana Foster, The Artist Behind the Art

We are very happy to welcome back Diana Foster (who you may remember as a previous Behind the Lens participant).  Diana, owner of The Studio 56, is a lifestyle photographer and card designer living and creating in Kansas City.  She is wife to one, mother of two, sister to many, a musician, blog addict, and a hopeless dreamer.  Her days are spent romancing ordinary life and everyday stories.  Lovely images captured by Diana have been published in Life Images, Kansas Magazine, and Johnson County Lifestyle.  


Diana, as card maker, is another aspect of The Studio 56.  There is a long tradition worldwide of exchanging greeting cards.  People give cards to provide comfort, give thanks celebrate, and to make us laugh.  Greeting cards are a very popular way to connect with others.  I am a fan of technology and credit much of my reputation as efficient to the conveniences of our modern day. I appreciate email, Facebook, and every other platform that's connected to the great big www that reaches beyond our walls and connects me to places I'll likely never truly 'see'.

When it comes right down to it, though, email and electronic touches just don't move me like the gift of a handwritten, personalized greeting. The personal touch escapes the computer and defies email, even with the best of intentions. Throw in a pretty card and there's quite a powerhouse at your fingertips.
Being on the receiving end of a few words scripted on good old-fashioned paper elicits almost the same response as a treasured photo; it is savored, revisited, kept and treasured. The knowledge that someone cared enough to complete the process of choosing a card, taking a few moments to write (hopefully legibly) a unique message (think about it...a card has no bcc option!), slip it in the envelope, address and stamp it and then deliver it to the post office is really quite a commitment when everyone has a keyboard so close and easy to use.

The good news is that The Studio 56 believes in the power of personal greeting so much that we've developed an entire line of photo greeting cards that make part of the process easy. With blank interiors, they are ready (and waiting!) for your personal touch. At the same time, though, they are graced with gorgeous stock photos that show you really do care enough to send the very best.
The Studio 56 online boutique has Fine Art Photo Cards available featuring Diana Foster’s original photography.  Sets include 4 cards that are blank inside for personalization. All sets are approximately 4 x 5 inches and include envelopes.

Check out our Boxed Sets now available online
"A belief in capturing everyday life in beautiful and unexpected ways, drives my art.  My inspiration comes from being awake enough to recognize a compelling story just waiting to be told.  My style is fresh, candid, and full of light.  Viewing the world up close through macro photography has become a prominent feature in my work.  This intimate point of view dramatizes the fragility of life.  Being in the moment allows me to find the visual message in simple, everyday objects and events.  My hope is to invite viewers to explore the world around them with fresh perspective."      Diana Foster

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to be featured on your wonderful blog! Love all that you do.

  2. Such beautiful photography and cards, Diana!

  3. Wonderful article...I have so many thoughts on this subject waiting to be a blog post or article in my local genealogy newsletter. Thanks for the nudge!


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