Monday, May 6, 2013

DIY Photo Booth Props

The other day I posted some quick props I made on our Moms Who Click Facebook page (please like our page if you haven't already).  I was surprised to see how many people liked the idea.  It's probably because so many of us have things like this just lying around.  And now there's a way to put these things to use.

If your kids are like my kids they get all sorts of cheap plastic sunglasses when we go on vacation or they get them in goodie bags from parties.   My husband even gets them from corporate events.  So we had a lot more cheap plastic sunglasses than I realized.  Previously I made a bunch of photo booth props out of foam core but those got flimsy quick.  So when I saw these sturdy and unused sunglasses just everywhere in our home I decided to make use of them.

All you need to do is get these small wooden dowels at your local hardware or craft store.  I got mine at Michaels (be sure to have their handy App on your smartphone as they almost always have a discount coupon).

Then use an eyeglass screwdriver to remove the ear piece.  In some cases I use a wire cutter to carefully remove the piece that sticks out so it doesn't poke someone in the eye.  But typically the area is pretty smooth.

Then I get my hot glue gun and glue the frames to the stick.  Instant photo booth props that are easy to make, fun and they make use of these plastic frames that end up in your messy drawer (we all have at least one messy drawer in our kitchen don't we?)

So take out those plastic frames and make a bunch of Photo Booth Props for your next session.  These help break the ice and gets your clients smiling!

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