Friday, May 17, 2013

FREE Yahoo! Weather App: Plus Submit Your Photos

by Tina
We love photo Apps at Moms Who Click.  Kristina recently wrote about A Beautiful Mess App and her fondness (okay, addiction) for camera apps.  I also have a passion for a few apps with one of the most recent being Yahoo's! Weather App (and for Android users, link here).  It's a beautiful app that shows all you need about the weather as well as the wind, sunrise, sunsetting and the waning and crescent moon phases (I love that feature!)  Store your favorite cities.  I like to see what's going in in Paris and London - two of my favorite cities....!

A good weather app will tell you the forecast for next 1-10 days.  That information is handy for planning especially if you're traveling or preparing for your outdoor photo sessions.  Some apps give you pollen count, moisture levels and hazard alerts.   But what Yahoo! Weather features that the other weather apps don't come close to is showcase stunning photos taken by photographers from across the globe.

To submit a photo or series of photos for consideration you need to be on Flickr.  Both Kristina and I love Flickr and have a Flickr Pro account which is only $24.95 a year (the new Flickr now gives you 1 TB of free space - YES what a deal). That's an amazing bargain.  Not only can you post countless photos but video as well.  I am in the process of uploading family photos on Flickr in addition to external storage for protecting my images.  Having something offsite ensures my photos are protected.

Back to the Yahoo! Weather App.  Once you have a free or Flickr Pro account post your favorite photos that clearly depict an outdoor scene.  No matter what the time of day or conditions just post your best shots.  When your photos are uploaded be sure to geotag them (that's essential).  You also need to review all of the image requirements here.  If your images don't meet the requirements they won't make the cut.

Next, join the Project Weather Group to begin adding your images.   It will take a few weeks for the editorial team to review.  A few of my photos recently made their way into the group.  I realize I have photos from all of my family travels so I'm going to comb through them for the best shots.

Be sure to tag your photos appropriately with "Day," "Night," "Clear," "Cloudy," etc.  The Project Weather team will make sure to link back to your Flickr page from the Weather App.  I've discovered some amazing photographers of all levels through the app.  It's a wonderful community.

So the next time you take a great outdoor shot with clouds, fog, rain, snow or sunshine think about sharing it to the Flickr group.  Someone from around the world might just be viewing one of your images!

Here are a few of my images that made it into Yahoo! Project Weather:

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