Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Throwback--Cookie Splash

I can't believe that our blog has been up and running for almost three years.  Our first post was in July of 2010 and now hundreds of posts later we are still here sharing our passion.  We love sharing the tips and tricks we have learned along the way but most of all we love connecting with other photographers no matter where they are on their journey.  

Throughout the years we have learned so much and we thought it would be fun to pull out a few of our favorite posts from the archives.  Below is one that I originally posted in February 2011 on creating Cookie Splash photos.  If you have not tried this, go grab a box of Oreos, a cup of milk and get your splash on.


Months ago I stumbled upon a Cookie Splash photo by a young photographer from The Netherlands.  Siebe (who publishes his work under the name De Vetpan Studios) is an amazing self-taught photographer who one day decided to test out how well the ISO on his new Nikon D700 would preform by taking a photo of a cookie dropping into a cup of coffee.  He posted his creation on Flickr and it had more than 5000 view counts in just one day.

Needless to say, he inspired many others (including myself) to do the same.   You can find nearly 1,000 photos in the Cookie Splash Group on Flickr.  If you want to create your own Cookie Splash photo, check out Siebe's tutorial that shows you how to set it up.  Basically, all you need is a colorful mug, a favorite cookie and a good trigger finger.

If you have created a Cookie Splash photo or are now inspired to try it, please post your shots.  We'd love to see them.  BTW, the photo above was my first attempt (by myself--no assistants were used to drop the cookie).    I got really lucky.  I thought I could perfect the shot and tried several more times but none of those photos turned out as well as this one.  Good thing I have long arms!

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