Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY-Lampshade Using Slides

by Kristina

Last week while visiting my mom in the Midwest, I made this awesome lampshade.  My mom got the idea while visiting a local craft fair.  So while I was there we decided to work on the lampshade she started and make another one for me.  Isn't it cute?  I just love it!

My mom had boxes full of slides from when she and my dad first got married and I loved looking through the slides and picking out various images for this project.  It was so fun to see my parents as newlyweds....they were and are such a good looking couple!

Anyway, this craft looks easy at first glance, however the original idea involved using jump rings to attach the slides together which was extremely time consuming (and a bit frustrating).  We improved on the idea by using lanyard clasps to attach the slides together....which made this so much easier and I was able to whip one out in an afternoon.  My moms project on the other hand is still waiting to be completed as we ran out of jump rings.  :(

So here is what you need to make one of these treasured beauties.....

  • An old lampshade---you'll want to tear off the shade portion and just use the wiring.  Try and find one that is not too big or this project will require more slides.  The one I used measures 7 inches across.
  • Hole punch.  Get a heavy duty one.  One that can punch through the thickness of the cardboard slide.  My mom picked hers up at Michaels.
  • Slides--of course it is more meaningful if they are of your own family but you could probably find some at the Goodwill or flea market.  For the lampshade I made, I used 36 slides.  
  • Lanyard clasps.  I bought a pack of 60 at Michaels for $3.00
  • Crystals to hang on the last row of slides or any other decorative element.  You can also attach the slides to the wire base from your lampshade but I preferred using the decorative crystals.

Assembling the lampshade is pretty simple (if you use the lanyards).  Basically, all you have to do is  punch a hole in the middle of each side of your slide and use the lanyard clasp to attach them.  Note:  in order for the images to be right side up, your slide will actually face upside down.  I made all the rows and attached them all together before hanging them onto the lampshade wire.  

The project took my mom and I about 3 hours.  She punched holes, while I attached the slides.  It was such a fun project to make together.   

I absolutely love this lampshade and have it proudly displayed in my family room.   If you decide to make one, we'd love to see it!  Please share a link in the comments below. 

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  1. These turned out great, love the idea you chose! I may need to give this a try!


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