Monday, August 12, 2013

Earcandy Digital-Music for Photographers & Videographers

By: Kristina Rust

As I mentioned in an earlier post on our blog, we are HUGE fans of Earcandy Digital.

I found Earcandy Digital when searching high and low for music to accompany my fusion videos.  I looked at many different sites but was frustrated to find that while these sites offered great music, their pricing structure was beyond my budget.  For me, spending $50 for a one time use, was just too much.

Thankfully I came across Earcandy Digital and was delighted to see that not only could I find great music for $25 per song, but that I could use the downloaded music as many times as I wanted.

And now Earcandy Digital has made accessing their music simpler than ever with their Lifetime Access offering.   All you have to do is make one payment of $149, one time and you get access to their entire library of music FOREVER (including new songs).  Say "good-bye" to pricey, one time use music fees and get a variety of music that can be used as many times as you wish!

I have been using their music for many of my fusion video projects and couldn't be happier with their selection and their service.

Here is my latest video from our recent trip to the Midwest.

Midwest Moments from Kristina Rust Photography on Vimeo.

If you'd like to learn more about Earcandy Digital, check out Tina's interview with founder Travis Brown.

**Disclosure: I have now become an affiliate for Earcandy Digital...which means should you click the link above or the ad in the sidebar, I will receive a small commission.   I only recommend products and services that I love and use myself and Earcandy digital is definitely a vendor that I feel is a great value and service. 

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  1. Cute video of your family memories. This is exactly what I was thinking about doing for our own summer fun. Did you use your phone for the video??Wondering if this will work....


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