Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Playing with Bubbles--Photo Fun!

by Kristina 

I love Popular Photography magazine.   When I find a new issue in my mailbox, I can't wait to sit down and flip through all of the inspirational pages.

This month, I found the article Bubble Wrap to be just what I know when you feel like you've been in a rut and have not done anything creative or fun with your camera?

Anyway, the photos of bubbles by New York photographer Satoshi were so beautiful and intriguing.  I loved the abstract shapes and how he turned something that is very ordinary into something extraordinary.  You can see his set up and tutorial here

So I grabbed a jar of bubbles (of course I had them on hand from my family photo shoots, who doesn't?) and decided to play, using a VERY basic set up (check it out below)....

Here's what I came up with....

And here is a pull-back of my no frills set up.....the black background is a photo box from one of my favorite photo sites, Paper Coterie, the vase is one I picked up at Ikea, and the straw was one we had on hand (my kids love making smoothies).

I did edit the photos in Lightroom...just a little sharpening and increasing the blacks and a big crop.   Pretty cool, eh?

All and all it was a great way to spend an hour or so in the afternoon and I was very excited about my results!

I encourage you all to go out there and play!  Whether it's capturing bubbles or finding something else to shoot that is out of the norm, I know you'll have a great time and learn something new in the process.

Oh and don't forget, we'd love to see any of your images on our FB wall or a link to your photos in the comments below.

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