Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

By Kristina

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to try out the Kingston MobileLite Wireless device.  It is a cool compact gadget (about the same size as my iPhone) that has multiple uses.  Note:  In order to utilize all of it's features you need to download the MobileLite App on any device that you want to connect.  

First off, the MobileLite is a wireless card reader that can transfer files between a SD memory card or USB drive and your IOS or Android device.  Imagine taking photos at an event and wanting to view them on a screen that is larger than the preview window on the back of your camera.  With the MobileLite you have the ability to do just that by plugging your SD card into the MobileLite and streaming them to your iPad.  Unfortunately it does not work with compact flash cards....I'd love to see a version that reads CF cards for all of us Canon users....hint, hint. 

You can also use this device to back up your photos in the field or traveling.  Instead of dragging along your bulky laptop and you can back up your images directly to your iPad by plugging you SD card into the MobileLite and wirelessly transferring them to your iPad.  Again, sorry Canon folks, this won't work for you.

In any case, here is my favorite photo use..... I LOVE that I now have the ability to free up space on my iPhone by backing up my photos to a USB drive or SD card using the MobileLite.  I take ALOT of photos and video with my iPhone and frequently find myself running out of space.  I hate deleting on the go and now I don't have to.  Instead I can easily free up space without a computer while out and about using this nifty device and a wireless connection.  I wish I had this when I went to Shutter Sister's Oasis last year! 

In addition to these photography related uses, the MobileLite has the ability to expand the memory of your iPod and iPad by streaming data from a USB drive or SD card to up to three devices.  I'm sure your kids will agree that they are always running out of space and having to delete apps or movies to make room for other files.  Now they can load those must see movies onto a USB drive or SD card and using the MobileLite, wirelessly stream them to their iPod or iPad (and you can stream three different movies to up to three devices!).  My kids are going to love this the next time we travel to the Midwest!

And last but not least, the MobileLite can also be used as a phone charger. No more running out of power or having to search for wall outlet when on the road.  Simply plug your iPhone into the MobileLite and you'll avoid having a dead battery.

Setting up the MobileLite is pretty simple and the Kingston website has videos that walk you through the process as well as videos that explain how to utilize all its features.  The MobileLite Wireless retails for $45 on Amazon and in my opinion provides a lot of bang for the buck (even for us Canon gals and guys).

Disclosure:  I was provided with an Kingston MobileLite Wireless in exchange for this review but all of the opinions are 100% my own. 

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