Monday, November 18, 2013

Red Tricycle Event at the Drybar Palo Alto and a HUGE Surprise!

by Kristina Rust

Every so often, we are invited to very fun blogger events where we are provided with the opportunity to try out new products and have fun connecting with fellow Bay Area bloggers.

Last week, Red Tricycle along with Microsoft invited us to an awesome event where we received complimentary blowouts at Drybar Palo Alto while getting a sneak peek of the all-new Microsoft Surface 2.

I have to say, that spending a couple of hours in the afternoon getting pampered while testing out this very cool tablet was a great way to start my week.

I was very interested in learning more about this product because our laptop had just given up the ghost and we were in the market for a new device.  I have two kids in high school and two more in middle school and we can't get by with just one computer.  

What really intrigued me about the Surface 2 was that not only is it light weight and super portable, it comes equipped with Office 2013...yep, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook and Excel.  It is a tablet that my kids can do school work on as well as have fun playing around with hundreds of different apps.

And unlike some other tablets, you can actually transfer/add files using the USB port...oh and did I mention that it has up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge?  I was sold!  I thought this would be the perfect device for my family.

The Surface 2 comes in a 32GB ($449) and 64GB ($549) version and for a limited time you can get a free Touch cover (a cover you can type on) with purchase.  

And here is the surprise part of my post.......The event concluded with a drawing where one lucky person would go home with a Surface 2.  And guess who won?  Yep, ME!!!  I was shocked, thrilled and so grateful.  I still can't believe it!

As soon as I got home and shared the news with my kids, the battle was on as to who would get to use it first.   My son called "dibs" and was the first to explore our new toy/learning tool while hanging out at our local Starbucks.  Too fun!

We've had it now for a week and everyone (but me..but that is going to change soon!) has had their hands on it and they all love it.  Thank you so much Red Tricycle and Microsoft!

If you are not familiar with Red Tricycle, they are a digital city guide and community for parents.  They scour the city and share their picks on things to see, eat and do with your kids and are in eight cities so far.

Jacqui Boland the CEO and Founder started Red Tricyle when she was pregnant with her son and her mission is simple, to help parents have more fun with their kids.

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  1. I think, directly outside they had a cafe where they serve snacks and wine- although we went the cheap route for dinner (a food truck on the side of the street!) I want to come back here again.


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