Wednesday, January 29, 2014

AMAZING Free Instagram Storyboard for 49 images

by Tina - one of the Moms Who Clicks

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  Well I reckon that is how this storyboard came to be.  I was asked to create something for two people getting engaged with a way to show their lives intersecting.  This is a perfect storyboard to frame for a wedding or engagement celebration.  OR for someone's 49th or 50th birthday!  While it does only have 49 spots for photos, you can take the birthday celebrant's 50th year photo at their party to frame later and start a new storyboard for their next 49 years, right?  Or how about using this for a bunch of your favorite Instagram photos?

This storyboard has 49 places for square cropped photos with the center one being the main attraction. For this example I filled it with images from my husband's and my childhood all the way through to our center as a couple.   Lots of between-years were skipped but you get the idea.  By the way my friend Tracy, a wonderful photographer herself, snapped this photo for us while we were in Maui - that's not a fake backdrop!

There are 48 small squares, which when used for an engaged couple provide 24 per person.  The larger center spot is to be used with an image of the couple.  But your creativity is the limit with this storyboard.  Perhaps it's a composition of your favorite Instagram images?  Or a collage based on colors?

NOTE:  I produced this as a 40x40 inch print. Because of the size of the file I reduced the download to an 8x8 inch file.  To resize in Photoshop simple go to "Image - Image size" to whatever size square you need before proceeding.  You may also want to change the DPI from 75 to 240 or 300 depending on your preference.

The download can be found on my Facebook business page here.  This storyboard took a ton of time and lots and lots of Photoshop snapguides to perfect it, if you know what I mean.

I highly recommend that you visit Rita's The Coffee Shop Blog to learn how to use Clipping Masks which is essential for this storyboard.  Plus, if you're game, here's another wonderful Photoshop Action that Rita has provided which speeds up the insertion of your images. It's called Group-It. And while we've never charged a nickel for our storyboards, I do ask that you LIKE my Facebook page to receive this free storyboard.

I hope to create a storyboard each month and will post it here when they are released.  I have two more in the queue which are awesome so be on the lookout.  Enjoy!

Tina Case writes for Moms Who Click and is an Adoramapix Ambassador.  Besides her Facebook page you can find her at Tina Case Photography | Google Plus | Twitter.


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