Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Freebie: Family Circle Storyboard Photoshop

by Tina Case Photography
My goal is to post a Friday Freebie around once a month.  Last month I shared a densely packed, 49-spread square template for Instagram or any of your other favorite photos.  That storyboard is perfect for an engagement session where you could split the top half and bottom half with photos of the two people and meet in the center with one large image.  

For this Friday Freebie I have what I call my Family Circle Storyboard. My inspiration was this wonderful Radial Family Tree over at Cactus and Olive.  

I created this entirely in Photoshop.  Once I figured a way to create arcs I was able to piece something similar.  This is perfect for capturing a family tree or a family vacation.  My example shows off some photos from our Australia vacation.  NOTE: Once you download the blank template you will find I numbered the clipping masks according to the numerals on a clock.  Also notice that the background is transparent - so if you save your final work as a PNG file, you won't have a white background.

The text is something you will have to play with to shape it in that arc using the Warped Text Tool. You can see my text and font example and use that as a guideline.  In Cactus's and Olive's example she uses the family name which is a wonderful idea.

I also provide the additional clipping masks in case you would rather fill in the space with photos instead of text.  Play around with it, it's your choice!

You will need to be versed in using clipping masks in Photoshop.   I highly recommend that you visit Rita's The Coffee Shop Blog to learn how to use Clipping Masks which is essential for this storyboard.  Plus, if you're game, here's another wonderful Photoshop Action that Rita has provided which speeds up the insertion of your images. It's called Group-It. And while we've never charged a nickel for our storyboards, I do ask that you LIKE my Facebook page to receive this free storyboard.  If you have a Facebook page for your studio, message me and I'll like you back!

This download as well as several of my popular storyboards can be found on my Facebook business page here.  This storyboard took lots and lots of Photoshop snapguides to perfect it, if you know what I mean. I hope you love it, drop me a line to let me know how you're going to use it!

Tina Case writes for Moms Who Click and is an Adoramapix Ambassador.  Besides her Facebook page you can find her at Tina Case Photography | Google Plus | Twitter.

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