Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Freebie: Facebook Timeline Cover "Tiny Bubbles"

by Tina Case Photography
I love to design and create all sorts of templates. Once I learned how to do it from others who were so generous with tutorials like The Coffee Shop Blog and Paint The Moon it's been fun to try on my own.

Today's freebie is a template I call Tiny Bubbles. I created it for a friend who is from the islands of Guam and Hawai'i.  So I thought this was appropriate given the famous "Tiny Bubbles" song by Don Ho.  Okay, maybe it's a little cheesy, but I still love the idea of these bubbles of photos with the background of one of my favorite tropical flowers, the plumeria.

All of these photos were taken on our last vacation to Hawai'i.  We went to the islands of Oahu and Maui.  I'm ready to return!  I did replace these images with photos from a family session for my friend.

To get this template link HERE which will take you to my Facebook business page.  You will have to LIKE it in order to get to the site where you can download this and other templates such as my Amazing 49 Square Template and Family Circle Storyboard.

As always I highly recommend checking out the Coffee Shop "Group It" tutorial and download her free action. It makes clipping masks (which you will need to learn) so simple.  You should also read how to use clipping masks on her site and be sure to give her a big Thanks!

Tina Case writes for Moms Who Click and is an Adoramapix Ambassador.  Besides her Facebook page you can find her at Tina Case Photography | Google Plus | Twitter.

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