Friday, April 11, 2014

Mustbin--An App for Organizing All of Life's Important Information

By Kristina Rust

Disclosure:  I was compensated for my time to write this post.  All the opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way. 

A year ago my car was broken into at my son's soccer game and my purse was stolen.  It wasn't until then that I realized how important it is to keep a record of all of the contents in my wallet.  Having that information would have made canceling credit cards as well as getting replacement cards for the library, health insurance, etc. so much easier.

Now with the Mustbin iPhone app, you can easily save all of this important information as well as other valuable documents such as home deeds, insurance policies, car titles, birth certificates, passport information, in an organized way, encrypted in the cloud.

And if you are wondering whether the folks at Mustbin can have access to your info, they can't.  Mustbin uses "Bincryption" technology on every file during the cloud sync so even they can't look at your documents.

I have to admit, that while I have all these documents in files located in my file cabinet I don't have a back up system.  What would happen if we had a fire or flood?  That information could be easily lost. And really until I heard of Mustbin, I hadn't really thought of having an off-site back up system.

So now, I am going to take the time to organize and record all of my vital information using Mustbin. Here is a brief overview of how it works:

After creating an account and security code, you will see a screen of a variety of different bins.  You can make any that you like but it comes with commonly used bins already in place like:  Wallet, Photos, Home, Finance & Investment, Health & Medical, Vehicle, Accounts & Passwords;

For each bin, you upload photos of the contents that fit that category as well as any necessary information associated with that item. i.e for credit cards you would add account number, pin, and expiration date (although I found that a bit repetitive since I just took a photo of all that information).

The app also provides a Guide (which handholds you through the process), Documents (which lets you see a laundry list of everything in a particular bin) and Actions (which lets you share your information as well as walk you through what to do in a crisis such as losing your wallet).

Here is an example of the prompts for capturing the contents of your wallet.

Another use for Mustbin is to share photos privately.  If you are a professional photographer who is not using a photo hosting site to privately share images with your clients, Mustbin is an option to consider.  It allows you to securely share images with your clients and they can give you feedback by  commenting and liking images. Although the challenge here is that in order to share your photos from you DSLR, you need to upload them to your computer and then sync them to your phone.  I can't see using Mustbin in this way because of the extra step of transferring photos.

Although, for amateur photographers who are wanting to share images with family safely and securely (and they don't want to post them on social networks for everyone to see) Mustbin is a good option (specially for sharing a gallery of iPhone extra syncing step necessary).

At this point, Mustbin is only available for iPhone users who have the IOS7 system.  There is not an Android or web-based version.  I'd love to see a web based version for easily sharing photos directly from my computer.

For those of you who have been thinking about organizing all of your important information and storing it somewhere off site, this is definitely an app worth trying it is free and you get 4 GB of storage at no charge. You earn extra storage space (another 4GB) by inviting friends to Mustbin.  

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