Thursday, May 29, 2014

Silhouette Shot--Manchester Beach, California

Oh my is it that we are nearly at the end of May?  It has been one busy month for us and unfortunately we have been a little behind in posting here.

While we play catch-up, I wanted to share a fun photo I captured at our recent Memorial Day camping trip.  Every year we head up to the North Coast and go camping with a group of friends.  This year we had around 40 people in attendance and as you can imagine, it was a ton of fun!

On one of the evenings, we headed to the very windy beach to watch the sunset and I saw the opportunity for an epic silhouette shot.  Thankfully this group is game for anything, so when directed them to line up and strike a pose they all did so without any grumbling (unlike what my teenagers usually do).

And this is the fantastic shot we captured!

P.S.  That's my daughter on the end holding the camera.  :) 


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