Monday, June 30, 2014

The Phone Photography Project 2 from Big Picture Class---Are You In?

I love the classes offered at Big Picture Classes.  They have a wide variety of online courses that are fantastic.  If you are looking to get your creative juices flowing this is the place for you!

On July 17th I will be participating in  The Phone Photography Project 2 and I am so excited.  I signed up for the Phone Photography Project:  Summer Challenge last year and had so much fun (it was the biggest class they ever had and is still being offered as a stand alone class this year and is worth checking out).

The Phone Photography Project 2 is perfect for those of you who are ready to transform your mobile photography.  You will be guided by twenty expert iPhoneographers (several of whom are women I am thrilled to know personally) who will share their tips and tricks on mastering lighting, composition, editing and more.

Plus you will be able to participate in a private posting gallery where you can share photos and gain valuable insights from fellow photographers.  It really is a great way to connect and become inspired.

I hope you will join me and sign up for this very inspiring class.

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