Thursday, July 17, 2014

Almost Perfect Point-and-Shoot Canon Power Shot S120

by Tina Case Photography

If you're in the market for an 'almost perfect point-and-shoot' then look no further.  The Canon Power Shot S120 has everything you'll need.  It even has an optional Water Proof Case to take it to the depths of your underwater expeditions.  And not only does this take amazing still shots, but amazing HD video, up to 60 fps, as well.

[What's in my bag? Click the left or right arrow to see all the gear]

Here are the key stats:
  • 9.4 frames per second for amazing action sequences
  • 24mm, f1.8, 5x zoom (effectively 24-105mm)
  • 12.1 megapixel
  • WiFi, GPS via Mobile
  • Full HD (60fps)
  • 3" LCD
  • Manual mode, RAW and jpeg options
I purchased this camera to compliment my DSLR gear.  I usually use my Canon 5D Mark III.  But I needed something a little more compact for vacation.  One of my clients requested photos in-real-time so they can tweet and Instagram event photos.  This will do the trick with its built-in WiFi.
What were the key factors for me selecting this camera?
  1. Great reviews on Amazon and B&H photo
  2. Familiarity with Canon products (since I own several Canon DSLRs, it made sense to purchase a Canon point-and-shoot)
  3. Ability to take RAW images
  4. Great Video (60fps!)
  5. WiFi was a must
  6. Waterproof is an option that I might invest in later
  7. Canon makes great gear!
  8. My daughters are big fans of Casey Neistat, who touts this as the "Almost Perfect Camera" - who can beat that testament?
Check out the video below to see more details.

And check out Casey Neistat's testament to this "Almost Perfect Camera"

Note: I am an Amazon and B&H Affiliate

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