Monday, July 14, 2014

Finding Inspiration With Shooting With Soul

If you are looking for a photography book to inspire you or reignite your passion for photography, then you should definitely check out Shooting with Soul by Alessandra (Alex) Cave.  The book is perfect for anyone who loves to take pictures and would like to shoot photos in a new and fresh ways.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Alex at the Shutter Sister photography retreats and was so excited to purchase her book.  Oh how I am longing for another get together with these amazing ladies.....

Anyway, Shooting with Soul provides 44 exercises/prompts that encourage you to slow down and put thought and feeling into the process to create images with depth.  Each exercise provides instructions, techniques and shot ideas as well as beautiful photographic examples.  Whether you use a point and shoot, SLR, or camera phone this book offers tips and suggestions that will truly help you improve your photography.

Alex encourages us to use her book as a way to practice the art of photography.  She suggests that we dedicate a week to each project and to stay keep going despite life's distractions.  

That said, I am ready and excited  to embark on this journey. While I am not necessarily going through the prompts in order (which is totally's my journey after all), I am committed to practicing my art each week and I look forward to growing and developing as a photographer.

This weekend, I decided to start with Exercise 4...Something You Collect.  I gathered up some of my vintage cameras (this is only half of my stash) and set out to create an image that showcased my passion.

Of the cameras shown, each has a special place in my heart.  The Minolta was my dads, the Polaroid and Yaschica were ones that I found at a flea market with my kids, the Polaroid OneStep was one that my mom gave me for my birthday last year and the Kodak was one that my son bought for me and the cute little Brownie, I stumbled upon at another local flea market.  Yes...I tend to scour the flea markets for vintage finds.

Anyway, I love this image...a line up of what I love...with an extra element of surprise (as Alex suggests)...the bird cage.

Thank you Alex for your inspiration.  As I said, I can't wait to work through your book.  And I am excited to say that we will be featuring an interview with Alex in the next few weeks.  So please be sure to pop back!

If you are interested in learning more about Shooting with Soul please be sure to visit the Shooting With Soul Facebook page.

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