Tuesday, August 12, 2014

MyPublisher Photo Book Review

I finally put together a photo book from our trip to the beach during this year's spring break and this time I tried out MyPublisher.  I've used a variety of different photo book making services and I think I just found my new favorite.  

MyPublisher offers 4 different landscape sizes from soft cover mini books (starting at $2.99) to deluxe hardcover books (like what I made pictured above, with price starting at $59.99). You can also choose from a variety of different cover options including photo finish where the image is printed directly on the cover (like my example), removable book jackets, and linen or leather covers which feature a customizable front window frame for a photo or text.

Although it is not web-based, making a book is simple to do.  Just download the software, create your book using their fully customizable layouts/templates and upload and order when you're done.  What I really like about MyPublisher is that the focus is on the images themselves and clean design and less on scrapbooking elements.  

Below you'll see the user interface which is very intuitive.  I also like the Quick Start Guide on the sidebar which serves as a handy reminder of the steps involved in creating your book.  

When you are finished creating your book, you can choose to upgrade the paper (which I did and fully recommend for the additional $3.99) as well as upgrade to lay flat (where the binding technology keeps pages laying flat when the book is open for an additional $45).  There are also additional accessories you can choose to really make your book unique like a memorabilia pocket, presentation box or photo window box.  

For those of you who might consider using MyPublisher for a client, you can remove the MyPublisher logo for a $10 fee however you can not upload your own logo.

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of my book.  The images are sharp and the colors look great as you can see from some of my page examples below.  And again, the upgraded paper really feels like an upgrade unlike some other companies I've used.  

If you have not tried MyPublisher, I encourage you to give them a go.  And be sure to check out their special offer to new customers where you can receive a free additional book (buy one get one) by providing your email address on their site.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a free book in exchange for this review.  The opinions in this post are entirely my own.

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