Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Need Some Inspiration? Check out Gatherings Through The Lens with Holly Clark

If you are looking to improve your event photography, whether personal or professional, then you should definitely check out a new ecourse offered by Big Picture Classes called Gatherings Through the Lens with Holly Clark.

I adore Holly and her work.  I met Holly 3 years ago at Camp Shutter Sisters and have been following her work ever since.

Holly is an amazing photographer who truly knows how to capture captivating images of events and celebrations both big and small.  In this class she will share everything she has learned over the past 3 years shooting professional events.  After taking this course, you will will have better understanding of how to capture magical moments.

She is a Mortal Muse contributor,  Stocksy United artist and instructor for several other Big Picture Classes including this summer's Phone Photography Project 2.  Holly has a passion for sharing her knowledge and is one of the most helpful photographers I know.

Watch the video below....become inspired and hope to see you in class ...


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  1. Oh neat thanks for this! I'll have to check it out!!!


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