Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Decorate Your Walls with Removable Wall Decals

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out the wall from http://mywalldecals.ca.  They have a variety of different vinyl wall decals that can transform any room.  I love the idea of using vinyl decals because of the flexibility you have in your decorating options.  With removable wall decals you don't have to commit.  You can change your mind and change your design.

As it so happened earlier in the year we had redecorated my daughter's room.  The one area that we were still looking for something to fill was the space above her bed.  Because we live in California and therefore experience the occasional earthquake, we wanted to get some kind of wall decal to fill that space.  So this opportunity was perfect!

After browsing the decdecal site, we decided on the Photo Frame Tree they are a part of the Magic Tree Sticker collection.   It was just the right size and we loved the look.  Plus we loved the idea of being able to incorporate photos into this design (gotta display those photos!). Hanging this wall art was easy.  What was very helpful was the mini design on the sheet that showed you how to place the branches and frame.  In just a matter of minutes we were able to transform the space above my daughter's headboard.

One word of caution, while the decals are easy to place and adjust on the wall (they remove easily without tearing or leaving a residue) the frame decals do stick to the photos.  You want to make sure that your images are cut to size and that very little of the decal sticks to the photo.

Here is a photo of the decals before we added the photos......

And here it is after we added the photos......super cute! 

For those of you looking to spruce up a nursery (check out these cute jungle stickers), children's room (love the chalkboard art), or really any room in your house (wall quotes are always great!), you'll find a variety of different looks and ideas on their site.

Note:  I was provided with this tree decal in exchange for my review.  The opinions are entirely my own.  

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