Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Cards From Minted

By: Kristina Rust Photography

It is that time of year again...time to order your holiday cards.  I am often asked for recommendations on card companies and one of my favorites is Minted.  I love their designs, the quality of their card stock and how easy they make it to help you decide on a card....well maybe not that easy because there are so many beautiful choices!  I also love how Minted is a marketplace of independent artists.  All of their designs are from independent artists, illustrators and painters from all over the world.

So now, let me tell you about my Minted experience......

I ordered my cards earlier this month and love the results.  As I mentioned above, ordering was easy.  Once I decided on the photo I was going to use and uploaded it, I narrowed down the choices by choosing the format and clicking the "number of photos" selection.  I then used the "see more filters" drop down menu to choose a color scheme, which helped me find a design that complimented the outfits my kids were wearing.

I love how the site auto populated the designs with my image so that I could see a preview right away of the cards with my photo.   As you can see, I was able to tell right away what layouts wouldn't work given my photo (I have four kids, not three and the first option cropped out my son).  :)

I ended up choosing a foil pressed design....decided I need a little bling this year, since I was picking a simple format....and I love the results!  Oh and one thing I tried this year that I have not done before, is their FREE offer to address your envelopes (for a limited time)!  All I had to do was upload my spreadsheet and that was it!  SOOO easy.  My beautiful cards arrived and my envelopes are ready to go.  All I need is a stamp!

A little close up shot of the foil shiny and cute!

If you are interested in trying Minted, let me know.  I have a limited number of 20% discount codes.  Just leave a comment with your email address below and I will send you the code (while they last).

Disclaimer:  I was provided holiday cards by Minted in exchange for this review.  The opinions are entirely my own and I truly love this company.  


  1. That is really cool that they will address the envelopes, I mean really cool. I will check them out even though I have already ordered from artuprising. I ordered the ones that you can tear off the end and you have a tag. I think I am going to love that as well as the people I am sending them to. I will so check out the link for next year. Love the card and your family picture Kristina.

    1. I need to check out the cards you mention from Artifact Uprising. They sound great!


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