Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Cards from @Photobucket

by:  Kristina Rust Photography

Last week I wrote about the new holiday card offering from Photobucket.  Yes, Photobucket, the photo hosting site that many of us know and love is now offering a variety of different photo products.  You can now find calendars, canvases, phone cases, holiday cards and more in their new online shop.

I had the opportunity to try out their cards and have to say I am quite impressed.  The card stock is nice and thick, the colors are rich and I really love the finish.  It is not glossy but not matte...I'd call it a satin finish.  These cards are a great value at only 99 cents each (introductory offer).   While the card design selection is not as robust as their competitors, the options they do offer are very cute.  You can see their various designs here.

Here is an example of the card I created to send to my clients.  It's of a photo I took last year while visiting my parents in Illinois (here in Silicon Valley we don't get any snow).  I love the simple design and that the focus is on the photo.

Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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