Blog Roll

Our FAVORITE Photography Sites (we'll continue to update this list):

  1. Shutter Sisters:  Oh how we love this site for inspiration and community.  It is a collaborative blog that welcomes all women who love photography--from beginners to professionals.  
  2. Kim Klassen:  If you are looking to get your creative juices flowing by learning about textures, Photoshop, Lightroom, and improving your blog...Kim is the gal for you.  We have taken many of her classes and HIGHLY recommend them.  Her teaching style is fantastic and thorough.  You will definitely finish her course full of knowledge! 
  3. The Pioneer Woman - Ree proclaims herself a "desperate housewife."  Not only is she an amazing photographer and an accomplished cook, but she offers up great tips and tricks, FREE Photoshop Actions and Templates.  A must see blog.  WE HEART REE!
  4. The Coffee Shop Blog - Rita has an amazing array of FREE Photoshop & Element actions and templates.  We have learned so much from this site!  Such a generous person, we are very grateful for what she's taught us.
  5. Digital Photography School - Not only is Darren a great photography teacher he is also a Pro-Blogger and provides great tips and tricks about how to run a successful blog. 
  6. Isabelle Lafrance Photography - We LOVE her site, so chock full of tutorials, actions, templates, giveaways and more.  We've learned a ton from her.
  7. Photography Concentrate is an AWESOME resource.  Rob and Lauren have fantastic freebies, tutorials, articles and more.  


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